Wednesday 7 November 2012

The REVO machine

JANNPAUL is proud to introduce our new in-house wax machine, REVO.

The REVO machine allows us to carve a wax mold of your ring design, where we can fully customize rings for you and strictly monitor the progress of production.

The wax ring is an added feature, on top of our 3D render designs. Although the 3D render design provides a full digital view of your ring, you may also want to view it in its physical form. Often, we have clients who wonder, how their design would look on them. The REVO machine allows us to take "ring customization" to a whole new level. Now, after showing you a 3D render of your ring, we can carve a wax model of your ring, so that you can see and feel it, in it's physical form. And yes.. you can try it on too :)

The wax used is the same high-quality wax used by professional casting firms for its robustness which can be filed down and soldered. Most importantly, this wax is environmentally friendly; the wax does not deteriorate when stored and is non-toxic.

The wax construction process

1) The 3D design render of your ring is transferred to the REVO machine. The machine will have a blueprint of your design, and will formulate how it will carve each fine details of your design into the wax block.

2) It begins with cutting the outer layer of the wax, followed by the tapper cutter that will finish milling the design. Generally, the tapper cutter uses a horizontal and vertical needle to carve out ring's design. This allows it to carve the wax model with great precision. This milling process takes about 8 hours to complete.

3) Upon completion of the prongs and band, we will begin a detailed check of each separate mold part. The finishing touch of the wax ring is done by hand, where we would remove any excess wax and smooth out the mold.

4) Finally, the wax mold is ready for your viewing!